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  On behalf of the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences I am
  pleased to announce the following public meeting.
  Please distribute widely.

  Public Meeting Announcement

  Massachusetts Biomass Sustainability and Carbon Policy

  Thursday, December 17, 2009
  6:30 – 8:30 P.M.

  Holiday Inn
  245 Whiting Farms Road, Holyoke, MA
  (Off of I-91, just north of Mass Pike)

  In November 2009 the Massachusetts Department of Energy
  Resources (DOER) commissioned a team of experts to conduct a
  comprehensive study of issues related to biomass sustainability
  and carbon policy. Launched at the direction of Energy and
  Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Ian Bowles, the six-month
  study will result in a “white paper” that brings the
  best science to bear as DOER considers the path forward for
  biomass energy policy, including the preparation of new
  regulations to establish sustainability criteria biomass
  facilities must meet under the Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio
  Environmental professionals with national and worldwide
  recognition in forestry and conservation have been selected to
  conduct this study. The group includes experts from the Manoment
  Center for Conservation Sciences, Pinchot Institute for
  Conservation, the Forest Guild, the Biomass Energy Resource
  Center, and other independent forest ecologists, resource
  economists and a change management consultant.
  This public stakeholder meeting is part of the scope of work
  designated to occur at the beginning of the project. The
  research team will present an overview of the project including
  the goals, assumptions, questions to be addressed and approach,
  as well as how the findings will be used. There will also be
  structured and facilitated conversations to gather public input
  regarding additional questions for the team’s

  Rob Rizzo, Bioenergy Program Manager
  Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources
  100 Cambridge Street, Suite 1020, Boston, MA 02114
  Ph: 617.626.7379 Fax: 617.727.0030

  Creating a Greener Energy Future for the Commonwealth

General Discussion / Re: Welcome to SMF!
« on: December 04, 2009, 10:29:59 PM »
Hi Alan,

Sorry I hadn't seen your message. There is a way to post files. When composing or editing a message, if you click on  ' + Additional Options... "  (under the text field) you will see ' Attach: (Choose File) no files selected'  – by clicking on 'Choose File' button you will have a dialog for attaching a document.

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