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Author Topic: Biochar Companies and Organizations  (Read 28864 times)


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Biochar Companies and Organizations
« on: December 02, 2012, 03:55:42 PM »

Here is my 2012 master list of biochar companies and organizations for your perusal and reference;

Biochar Companies & Organizations:

Advanced BioRefinery, Inc., CA. (aka "ABRI Tech")
AgriPower Inc., AU, ( Modular and Transportable System, (same as Earth Systems) $150K, 125-750 KW,)
Agritech Producers, CA., (Torre-Tech® 5.0, 5 tons per hour)
AgriTherm, CA., (mobile,MPS100, 3 t/day bio-oil & 1.5 t/day char.)
Alterna BioCarbon, (Van Aardt module (5K tepy of biocarbon & produce 1.5 MW)
Avello Bioenergy, (bio-asphalt)
Burt's Greenhouses, (modified chain grate boiler)
Big Char, AU. (aka Black is Green Pty Ltd, mobile units)
Biochar Technology, UK. (400 to 4,000 tons char/yr)
Biochar Products (mobile10 t/day unit)
Black Carbon, DK. (37 kW, livestock feed, manure treatment)
Biogas Australia, (Integrated Bio-digestion, composting, fluid bed reactors)
Biogreen-Energy, FR., (auger drive Spirajoule® pyrolyzer)
Bioware, BR. (fast pyrolysis, 200 to 2000 kg / hr)
Biz-Solutions LLC, (2 to 20 MW),
Carbon Brokers International, (consulting, 5 Kw to 5 Mw systems)
Carolina Clean Energy (Biochar Machine)
Carbonscape, AU. (microwave reactors)
Carbon Terra, EU. (CarbonCat, Dog & Cattle food & fertilizer, closing nutrient loops & odor on the farm)
Crucible Carbon, AU. (modular, 1-6 MW)
Diacarbon Energy Inc, CA.(15 tons/day to 200 tons/day)
DynaMotive Energy Systems Corp. (DYMTF), (200 tons of biomass per day, Bio-oil & char)
Earth Systems, AU. (1/2 Ton/hr mobile system, $150K, innovative feedstock & char processing)
EcoEra, SE. (BIOAGRO ENERGY system)
Full Circle Biochar, (BioCore™ and BioCharge™ technologies)
Genesis Industries, (aka E-Gen, at Agromin, approved CA. air permits)
Green Charcoal International, (PYRO-6F)
Green Cell,  (ITC Reactor)
Interra Energy, LLC, (Interra Energy Forge)
International Tech Corp,(ITC), (1-6 ton/hr, parent of Blue Sky Biochar, MYC inoculated pellet Char)
Iwamoto Corporation, JP., (E-Waste, Aquaculture Feed)
Organic Power Solutions (OPS Pyrolysis, scalable;  250 Lbs to 8 tons/hr)
Pacific Pyrolysis, AU. (300kg/hr, 200 kW)
Proton Power, TN., (CHyP gasifier, 500kW to 5MW, H2 production cost;$0.75/kg)
Pyreg, GE. (ISO container, 40-180 kg/hr, 500 kW)
PYROVAC INC., CA.,  (3 tons/h, 24 tons Biochar/day and bio-oil)
Pyrolyzer LLC, FL. (350 Kwh-13 Mwh, 1-36 tons/day char)
Splainex, 100 tons/day chicken litter, 30 t/day of wooden chips, 1-3 MWe)
SynGest Inc, (bio-ammonia & char)
The Biochar Company, (systems integration; nutrients, Feed & energy, "Big-Char" US license)
3R Environmental Technology Group (zero emission pyrolysis processing, EU biochar permit)
Tolero Energy Llc, (TTBO)
R & A Energy Solutions,
Tenaska BioFuels, LLC (TBF), NE., (procurement, marketing, physical delivery)
Three Seconds to Oil, TSTO, GA. (aka MBOP, mobile and stationary, 30 tons/day)

Pyro-Catalytic Gas to liquids:

Cool Planet Energy Systems, CA. (75 gal Bio-gasoline/Ton biomass)

All Power Labs, (Worldwide Gasification Tools for Power Hacking)
Advanced Gasification Technology, IT., (fixed-bed, down-draft, open core, compact gasifier. 350 kW)
Biochar Solutions (Down Draft Gasifier, Land Reclamation)
Carbon Consult, (System Johansson Gas Producer, 3MWe)
Coaltec Energies, (manure Char)
Enginuity Energy LLC, PA., (1-5 MWe., manure gasification)
KANSAI Corporation, JP. (BIO-TAN, Bio-Charcoal, ARHC System)
Oregon Biochar Corp. (integration of biochar into biogas plants and composting systems)
Phoenix Energy, (Cleantech Transit, Inc. (CLNO), on the grid in CA.)
Thompson Spaven, UK. (module up to 500kWe)
Türkmen Renewablers Ltd., Ankara, (Coal gasification, chicken litter, developed with Coaltec Energy USA)
Victory Gasworks (Biochar machine)
Zero Point Clean Tech,

Hydro – Thermal Carbonization:
HyrdoCarb GmbH,(on the grid in Germany)
AVA-CO2; (on the grid in Karlsruhe.)

Retort & Kiln:
Adam + Partner, (Adams Retort)
Cleanfuels (CARBO twin retort)
Four Seasons Fuels, UK.
Lambiotte & Cie, S.A. (continuous retorts, 2k - 6k tons/yr)
New England Biochar (mobile Adams Retort)
Tesaki, JP. ( clean-burning small charcoal kilns)

Stoves & Furnaces;
AirTerra Inc., (clean stoves to NGOs)
Aqueous Solutions, (Developing world micro-gasification for char water purification)
Carbon Roots International, (primary focus Haiti)
Chip Energy, (180K Btu/hr TLUD furnace, , Biomass Energy Foundation; )
Re-char, ((primary focus Kenya)
SeaChar, WA. (primary focus Costa Rica)
Whitfield Biochar LLC, (from inventor of the pelletstove, 20K Btu - 2M Btu units)
WorldStove, MA. (Africa, middle east, South America, Residential pyrolytic pellet stoves)
Vagga Till Vagga, SE. (Cook stoves in Zambia)
Vuthisa Technologies, SA. (EcoZoom Stoves & Kilns)

Torrefied Biomass:
HM3 Energy, (TorrB™)
Integro EarthFuels,
Topell Energy, NL. (Torbed® reactor)
Thermya, FR.

Biochar formulation & (Product Name);
Anthro Terra, AU., (Biochar Mineral Complex)
Aztec Wonder Biochar, MO. (weathered hardwood charcoal)
Bartlett Tree Experts, ("Premium Landscape Biochar")
Biocarbo, (pyroligneous extracts, Brazil)
Energy Anew, ("Biocharm")
Biochar Central, GA.,
Biochar Merchants, OH.
Biochar Now, CO. (no information)
Black Earth Products, AU., ("BlackEarth Biochar') ,  ( all charcoal products)
Bison Soils Solutions, ("Bison Grow")
Carbon Char/ East Coast Compost, ("CharGrow", 7yrs field trials at VA Tech)
Carbon Gold, UK. (Craig Sams, Peat replacement, cacao, support from Kraft Foods)
Char Biological, (seed coating & EM & MYC)
CharKing International (largest US sales, buckets to SuperSacks)
Encendia Biochar (Spring & Urban Blends)
Geomite, AU, (organic NPK-C, China organic fertilizer partners)
Green Harvest Group, AU.(GreenHarvest™)
Green Pyro (Soil Nutrient System SNS.)
GroTek ("Black Pearl")
Hawaii Biochar Products, ( agricultural products, "Big-Char mobile unit)
Interra Energy, LLC, ("Interra Preta")
PermaMatrix, ( Hydro-seeded formulations, Land reclamation)
South Fork Wood Products, ID. (Conichar)
Southeastern Biochar,
Southern Biochar LLC, TX.
Supreme Growers, FL., ("Biochar Blast")
Swiss Biochar, (partners; Delinat-Institut, or www.pyreg.de
Takesumi Ltd. ("Takesumi bamboo Biochar")
Terra Biochar, NL. (partner; Zero Point Clean Tech
The Biochar Company ("SoilReef" in Whole Foods Markets)
3R Environmental Technology Group , (solid state fermentation and soil biotechnological formulation)
Turtleback Biochar, CA. (Out of Ashes BioEnergy Inc., 2  &5 liter bags to Super-Sacks)
Vee-Go Energy, MA., ("Biochar Xtra")

Field research:
Blue-Leaf, CA. (9 different trials, 4 years, seed coating, inoculations & manure)
North Carolina Farm Center ( Sharon Valentine, 4years, contracts with WalMart)
Oxford Biochar, UK. (crowd sourced plot trials)
Project Rainbow Bee Eater, (6 year research in Australian wheat production areas)

Systems Integration, Consulting;
Ambient Energy, LLC,, WA. (solutions for waste to energy)
Earth Systems, AU., (multidisciplinary environmental and social consulting)
Pro-Natura, (Biochar super vegetable gardens in the Developing World)
The Biochar Company, (Interdependent ecosystems of organizations.)
Shenandoah Gardens, VA., (All the Biochar News!  & Consultations, Erich J. Knight)!forum/se-biochar
Sixth Element Sustainable Management, CA. (bioenergy project development)
T. R. Miles, Technical Consultants, Inc. (ALL things Biomass)
Transfield Services Pty Ltd, AU. (energy infrastructure operations and construction)
World Biochar,

World & Local Groups:
Finger Lakes Biochar, Western New York.
Terra Humana Clean Technology Ltd., (3R Enviro Tec Ltd., EU organic certification)
The Global Alliance For Clean Cookstoves,
European Biochar Research Network (eBRN of academic and industrial partners)
Global Gateways S.A., SP. (develops CARBON NEGATIVE solutions)
Green Diamond Systems, Alan Page, Pioneer Valley Biochar Initiative
Pioneer Valley Biochar Initiative, MA.
The Climate Foundation, ( Land, Sea & Air Climate Solutions, Strawbale construction)
VenEarth, (Portfolio; CarbonGold &  Anthro Terra)

Accessory Equipment;
Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. FL., (10hp - 100hp heat engines)
T. R. Miles, Technical Consultants, Inc. (ALL things Biomass)
Wyssmont, (dryers,Feeders, Lump breakers)
Zilkha Biomass  (ZBP Biomass Gas Turban1.5 and 20 MW)


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Re: Biochar Companies and Organizations
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2012, 06:52:11 PM »

Hello Erich,
Thank you for the extensive list of Biochar Companies and Orginizations.
It is close to 5 pages and over 100 listings. Very good source of information.
Best regards,

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Re: Biochar Companies and Organizations
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2012, 09:01:25 PM »

Yes, really great information.  Thanks for sharing Erich : )