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Author Topic: FEMA Commentary from July 29, 2013  (Read 3089 times)


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FEMA Commentary from July 29, 2013
« on: July 29, 2013, 06:10:52 AM »

HI All:
The FEMA Biochar Initiative has an "open" site on Linked In, but they choose what they will allow to be presented as posts on their site.  For now (until the censor comes to PVBI) this area can serve as an external discussion point.  The following item was provided this AM:
To Whom It May Concern:
It would help to understand what FEMA considers the various categories mentioned above to consist of:
For instance how local does FEMA consider a fundable grant to be appropriate?  Does the project have to be mobile to cover a region, State, a county, a town, or a neighborhood?
If the latter could the neighborhood project be both permanent and mobile - I have been operating a 10kw organic material fueled carbon negative combined heat and power portable unit.  It makes char as a by product and needs to be tuned to take particular fuels.  Yesterday it went 50 miles to a picnic, ran a 10 hp motor on pellets, wood chips, and lunch waste including paper plates, corn husks, corn cobs, butter scraps, chiken bones, etc, plastic utensils and paper napkins all quite wet.

What does "Mitigation" include?  If char is used broadly enough the likelihood of extensive damage from increasingly intensive and more frequent storms may be lessened - it depends on the global extent of the usage.  The carbon negative distributed generation system mentioned above if available to any who were able to maintain it would go a long way toward such a possible outcome.

So where are the guidelines?  What limits on a project size are there?  What rationale is used in deciding what to fund?  If something needs a stable experiential base to function in a disaster what is the willingness of FEMA to make sure that the appropriate base is present in potentially disaster prone areas?

My posts here are also copied on the PVBI/ forum on the general tab so any who care make comments that may be deleted can go there for an open forum if needed.
Alan Page