About Us

Established in 2006, the Pioneer Valley Biochar Initiative is a group of farmers, foresters, professors, students and concerned citizens, promoting public awareness that a growing body of soil science affirms the value of biochar – or char suitable for horticultural purposes – as a soil amendment that can increase soil productivity and enhance crop health when incorporated into farm, forest and garden soils.

We are motivated by biochar’s ability to sink atmospheric carbon, and biochar’s incredible potential for restoring soil health as a natural catalyst aiding living soil systems. We believe both of these benefits are a crucial response to the worsening climate crises, and will help mitigate future food shortages by increasing both agricultural yield and resilience to draught and disease.

We support environmentally responsible biochar research, production and land application. Pioneer Valley Biochar advocates drawing upon feedstocks from clean sources of woody biomass detritus such as farm waste, yard waste, and storm damage, and utilizing the heat generated from clean char making processes.

We encourage members of the Pioneer Valley community to become informed and to educate others about carbon sequestration and the production and agricultural use of biochar.

PVBI Founding Members : Alan Page, Dick Stein, Judith Gillan, Ted Wysocki, Suzanne Hale, Jack Moss, Nancy Kellog, Peter King, Jonathan Spiegel, Karen Ribeiro

Our meetings are open to the public. Check the calendar for our next meeting.

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