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Thank you for visiting pvbiochar.org. Our website provides online content about Biochar, one of the most successful soil amendments that increase soil fertility and carbon reduction. As a respected resource, we invite readers to peruse thought-leadership articles about how Biochar is impacting industries around the globe, such as farming, agriculture, and casinos.  

Biochar is a name given to a variety of products derived from heating biomass in low-oxygen to no-oxygen environments. Farmers have historically used the soil supplement to improve soil quality. However, researchers are finding several beneficial applications for Biochar products.  


This website details the many uses of Biochar. For centuries, farmers have mixed Biochar with soil to improve soil quality. In a sponge-like manner, Biochar holds water, improves soil structure, and hydrates plants. It also stores nutrients, which are readily available for plants to use. By increasing the soil’s moisture, pH levels, and nutrients, Biochar improves crop yield. Check out our blogs to stay up-to-date on the latest Biochar information.  

Review Biochar’s carbon reduction capabilities. Our website is an informative resource for integrating the soil amendment into carbon emissions reduction planning for environmental advocates. We advise readers to review information about how to use Biochar. Insist on its use throughout global supply chains to reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere. Biochar has a wide array of beneficial uses in aggressive carbon reduction plans from farming to animal feed. Our website offers readers vital information about Biochar’s global benefits and impact.  

Everybody needs to step in and do their part to improve and maybe even save the planet from global warming. Being informed is step one to learning and accepting new habits that can positively impact the earth.