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This ancient technique for improving soil fertility has been used in China, Japan, Africa, and the Amazon for centuries. Communities are reviving this well-proven way of ensuring sustainable soil by increasing nutrients, retaining soil hydration, and reducing carbon emissions.  


Find out about local and global Biochar associations. Associations are implementing universally acceptable standards for Biochar manufacturing to ensure safe products as the use of the soil amendment continues to rise. Stay abreast of these standards and testing guidelines, which are transparent. As a result of collaboration between farmers and scientists, Biochar standards provide the framework for ensuring the industry’s ability to maintain and track Biochar’s positive global impact.  

Regional Biochar groups span the globe, undertaking research, advocating for policies, and hosting conferences to discuss global impacts and future soil amendment uses in agriculture and the environment.  

We stand with the United Nations in its efforts to work with global governments for sustainable soil options. As a valuable resource, our website’s goal is to educate the public and decision-makers about Biochar’s crucial role in improving the climate, increasing farming yields, and mitigating poverty.  

Globally, schools are engaging students to help increase an understanding of Biochar’s vast capabilities. From student research to science projects, K12 classes are discovering new ways to learn about the carbon cycle. Even the Smithsonian has a “Dig It” exhibit, providing resources to educators about the Biochar soils in the Amazon.  

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